Surface Mount Data
M1, M4, M8, & M12 = Mixer Ring Quads
M3,M8 =Bridge Quads
M2=Single Schottky, PIN, SRD, Capacitor,
Varactor, Anti-parallel Schottky pair
Device Outlines

Applications (KHz to > 40 GHz): Mixer, Detector, Oscillator, Switch, Attenuator

Device Types:PIN, SRD, Varactor, Anti-Parallel, Schottky Rings and Bridges (singles, quads, octals, and do-decas)
End Use: Commercial, Military and Space Custom
Integration of diodes, capacitors andresistorsavailable.

Foot Metal:
Wire bondable Au, Epoxy and solder compatible.
“Feet-Up” epoxy die-attach & wire bond
“Feet Down” epoxy or solder attach to traces
  • Small size. M4 die size 12 x 12 x 10 mils.
  • Large pads (4 mil sq.), low capacitance. (beam lead replacements in planar circuits).
  • Auto-bondable.
  • Schottky Ct can be less than 0.1 pf
  • Use non-conductive epoxy to mount
  • Manufacturing efficiency. Elminate beam attach in high volume MIC chip and wire assembly lines.
  • M1, M2 and M3 fit beam lead footprint.
  • Superior power dissipation vs. Beam leads.
  • Epoxy or Solder attach to Thin Film,Thick Film or PCB metalized traces.
  • Solvent and Moisture resistant.

Note: Surface mount products available with
solder cladding directly applied to the feet.
No pre forms necessary if this metalization options is specified.


  • Reduced Cost/Increased Availability: Wafer level packaging. No secondary packaging required.
  • Ease of Assembly: Wire-bond, Epoxy attach, Solder Attach or use in package (high-performance diamond shaped packages).
  • Produced on a Proven Process: Offered since 1989.Shipping into high volume commercial and Military applications.

  • Superior Electrical Performance: Reduced parasitic loss & noise generation. No hard glass Processing. Superior power dissipation vs. beam leads.
  • Excellent Mechanical Integrity: Moisture and Solvent resistant coating over entire die except feet/pad areas. Protects circuitry from assembly processes.

Standard Case Outlines

M1 or M3 Monolithic
Ring & Bridge Quads and Octals
(replaces beam leads)
M4 Monolithic
Ring & Bridge and Octals
(small size for wire-bonding)
M2, Single Schottky
PINS and SRD’s
(replaces beam lead)

If you need packaged diodes, Use the “M”-series in M-pulse Diamond Shaped Packages


3 diamond shaped package styles available:
E2, E4 and E11